Chairperson's Message

The true purpose of education is building individuals who can be an asset to the generation. Knowledge should ideally be seasoned with values, awareness & social responsiveness. With time knowledge should also graduate towards wisdom that comes with experience and finally when all three come together we have individuals who can inspire an era & beyond.

Rakesh Joon
Mr. Rakesh Joon Chairman - GDGPSB
Shilaja Joon
Mrs. Shailaja Joon Chairman - GDGPSB

I congratulate the hardworking team of the Principal & teachers who under the guidance of the Chairperson, is giving a Dias to students in the form of G. D. Goenka Public School, Bahadurgarh that reflects the talent, ambitions, aspirations & strengths of young Goenkans. School is indeed a mirror of praise worthy achievements and positive energy of students in the field of academics, cultural activities and sports under the inspired environment of discipline, dedication, devotion & determination.

My heartfelt congratulations to the Principal, Staff and Students in their endeavour for the meaningful & successful life.

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